Facebook Timeline Cover Sizes

The Best Image Sizes for Your Facebook Timeline Page

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Your Facebook Page isn’t going to look professional if you’re cutting off fans’ arms, cropping off text, and filling your page with pixelated photos. Knowing how to correctly size your images on Timeline is essential. While Facebook will resize most images to fit, by using the correct proportions, you can guarantee that your Facebook images will render correctly.

Since the Timeline update, there are a lot more image sizes to worry about, so use this post as a cheat sheet when uploading images.

Facebook Timeline Cover Sizes

Probably the most important image to keep recent, slick, and shnazzy is your page cover. While you can upload any image wider than 720 pixels, for best quality, Facebook recommends uploading a photo that is 851 x 315 pixels. They also recommend that the image is RGB color and JPG format. The image also needs to be less than 100 KB.

Also, as always, remeber the Facebook Timeline cover guidelines. Your Timeline cover cannot include (1) pricing or purchase information, (2) contact information, (3) references to Facebook interface elements such as “like” or “share”, or (4) calls to action.

Timeline Profile Picture Size

Width: 180 px
Height: 180 px

While your page’s profile image actually displays at 160 x 160 pixels (as of this week), Facebook requires you to upload an image that is at least 180 x 180 pixels.

Timeline Tab Thumbnail Size

Width: 111 px
Height: 74 px

In Timeline, each tab you create has a thumbnail image under your page cover. While the default is still a square image, by clicking the down arrow to see all tabs, mousing over the tab thumbnail you would like to change, or clicking the pencil icon that appears, you can upload a new thumbnail image that will fill the space, using the 111 x 74 proportions.

Timeline Tab Favicon Size

Width: 16 px
Height: 16 px

Timeline favicons are those cute little 16 x 16 pixel images that show up on your tab list. Changing favicons is actually pretty tricky, but you can do it in Customizer with the custom publish option.

Timeline Feed Image Size

Width: 403 px

You can upload any size image, but when the picture appears in your Timeline feed, it will be modified to be 403 pixels wide. Unlike Pinterest, you can’t upload long, vertical photos and have them stream down your page. The max height for photos in the Timeline feed view is 403 pixels. Yes, that means a full-size image is square. Ugly, I know, but that’s what it is.

Timeline Highlighted Image Size

Width: 843 px

If you choose to highlight an image in your Timeline feed, you can give it quite a bit more space. A highlighted image is 843 pixels wide. As with other photos in the Timeline feed, the max height is 403 pixels.

Timeline Milestone Image Size

Width: 843 px

The proportions for milestone images are the same as for highlighted images.

Timeline Tab Size

Width: 810 px
Height: No Limit

The Timeline feed is not the best place to display visual content. If you really want some space to display what you want, where you want it, you need to put it on a Facebook tab. Facebook tabs are 810 pixels wide, with a max height of forever.

The possibilities are endless. The tab is your oyster! And that’s where Customizer can help. Customizer is the simplest way to create beautiful, professional Facebook tabs without a development team.

Now that you know how to size your images, go out and make your Facebook page look like a million bucks. And if you use Customizer, it’s not going to cost you a million bucks either. Just sayin…

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  1. Josh Hamit says:

    Hey GroSocial,

    Fantastic post, very informative!!

    I am looking at posting some ads on Facebook and have been researching the optimal image size for Facebook post updates, you mention 403 px wide. Facebooks guidelines say 1200×627 and now I am confused!!

    Perhaps things have changed since you posted this?


  2. mauro says:

    Hi guys,

    Anyone knows the optimal image format for the timeline posts on facebook at 2014.april?



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