Getting More with the Promo Plus Widget

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Over the last couple of months, GroSocial rolled out the Promo Plus widget, a more versatile and powerful way to create social giveaways and sweepstakes. With the classic Promo widget, you could only ask users to Like your page, provide their email address, and share the promotion with their friends. The new Promo Plus widget allows you to choose from 13 options and create a custom promotion that matches your requirements and needs.


How does it work?

With the classic Promo widget, entrants were required to complete the steps in order. The new Promo Plus widget is based on a point system. Each question is given a certain number of points (which you decide when you create the promo), so the widget can be used in three main ways, which I will demonstrate with the widget below.


As you can see, in the contest I made entering an email address worth 3 points, Liking GroSocial worth 1 point, and sharing on Facebook is worth 1 point. So in planning and describing the contest, I could say:

1. “Get 3 points to enter. For each additional point, you will receive one additional entry.” With this description, an entrant must provide their email address to enter, but they also have an incentive to Like my page and share my contest on Facebook after the contest is over, I would eliminate all entrants that got 2 points or less, give one entry to people with 3 points, two entries to people with 4 points, and three entries to people with 5 points.

2. As an alternative, I could say, “Get 4 points to enter.” With this description, an entrant must enter their email address to enter, but then they can choose between Liking my page and sharing the contest. When the contest is over and I do the drawing, I would eliminate all entrants that got 3 entries or less and do a drawing with the rest of the entrants.

3. Finally, I could say “Complete all the steps to enter.” In that case I would only do the drawing from users who had the maximum point value.

In each case, be sure to describe how you are doing the drawing so your entrants know what they need to do. In addition, make sure you collect some form of contact information. For example, with the contest above, you would have no way of contacting someone who only Liked your page and shared the contest. Because they never provided an email address, you would have no way to notify them if they won the drawing.

Where can I find the Promo Plus widget?

The Promo Plus is available to all GroSocial users. You can find the Promo Plus widget in the Widget palette under Contests and Promotions. (In addition, Promo Plus templates are available to Infusionsoft users who are building a contest tab in the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.)

How do I create a promotion with the widget?

When you add a Promo Plus widget to your tab design, a Settings window will appear. Here you can add, move, and remove steps in your promotion. When you click on a step in the preview, you can set the point value and other details for that step.

Promo plus settings

Also in the widget settings, you can change the widget color scheme, start and end times for the promotion, and the default message when users share your promotion on Facebook and Twitter. You can also connect your contest to Infusionsoft and have specific tags applied to each entrant. (Note: If you are building your Promo Plus tab within the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder, you will not need to connect to Infusionsoft. Instead, entrants will automatically enter the campaign you create.)

What steps can I include in my Promo Plus promotion?

The Promo Plus widget offers 13 question types.

Collect Info.Use these fields to collect short pieces of information like an email address, phone number, address, etc. (Note: You do not need to collect entrants’ first and last name. The Promo Plus widget requires an app permission, so we collect that information without their needing to enter it.)

Collect Info (Paragraph Field).Use a Paragraph Field to collect short essay and paragraph responses. You can create a paragraph field by adding a Collect Info step to your promo, changing the Field type to “Other,” and selecting the Paragraph radio button.

collect info

Like on Facebook.This field allows you to ask entrants to Like your Facebook page or another Facebook page by entering the page URL.

Share on Facebook. Ask entrants to share your promotion with their Facebook friends by posting a link to their wall.

Message on Facebook. Ask entrants to share your promotion with their Facebook friends using a private message.

Tweet on Twitter. Ask entrants to Tweet about your promotion.

+1 a Page on Google+. Ask entrants to +1 your Google+ page.

Follow on Twitter. Ask entrants to follow you or another account on Twitter.

Follow on Pinterest. Ask entrants to follow you or another account on Pinterest.

Follow on Google+. Ask entrants to follow you or another account on Google+.

Follow on Instagram. Ask entrants to follow you or another account on Instagram.

File Upload. Ask users to submit a file as part of your promotion. Acceptable file formats are .pdf, .psd, .zip, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pages, .gif, .png, .jpg, and .mp3.

Multiple Choice Question. Ask entrants multiple choice questions. (Note: If you want to do a quiz for your promotion, we recommend the Quiz widget instead.)

Promo Plus Widget Best Practices

As you create custom promotions with the new widget, here are some suggestions that will help you be more effective:

1. Ask for as little information as possible. If you do notabsolutelyneed an entrant’s phone number or address, do not ask for it. You just need some way to contact the winner, so usually email works fine. As long as you can contact them, you can get more information later on.

2. Keep the number of entry steps to a minimum. We recommend keeping your Promo Plus promotion to 3-5 steps. Although you can make the promotion longer, longer promotions intimidate potential entrants.

3. Keep your entry steps simple. One of the reasons our original Promo widget is so successful is because it is so simple to enter. Entrants just Like your page, enter their email address, and share the Promotion—and they’re done! Time-consuming steps will significantly reduce the number of entries you receive.

We hope you have a great time with the Promo Plus widget and create some awesome promotions. To learn more about how to market effectively on social media, check out GroSocial Kickstart

What do you think of the Promo Plus widget? Tell us in the comments below.

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