What Is Customizer?

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Creating a Facebook fan page is easy.  Creating a memorable Facebook page–a destination on Facebook, is challenging.  Just like anything in life, things that are different tend to be far more memorable.

The typical, default Facebook fan page includes the following tabs:

  • The Wall
  • Info
  • Photos
  • Discussions

Every Facebook page comes with these four tabs pre-installed (although you can delete one or more of them later if you’d like).  If the only tabs on your Facebook page are the Wall, Info, Photos, and Discussions, how do you expect people to truly remember you on Facebook?  Why should new visitors to “like” your page?  Are the conversations on the Wall of your Facebook fan page really that cool or interesting?

Why not take advantage of Facebook’s open platform and design and install custom Facebook tabs to your Facebook fan page?  Why not add something to your fan page that makes it more memorable?  Why not tell new visitors what you want them to do when they land on your page?  What makes your business special?  Why should new visitors “like” your business on Facebook?

Unless you have experience as a programmer or graphic designer, adding sharp-looking custom tabs to your Facebook page can be a bit challenging.  To install new Facebook tabs to your Facebook fan page you need to know how to do three things:

  1. Code the tab – if you want to install dynamic Facebook tabs you need to first know a thing or two about programming.
  2. Design the tab – most people do this using Photoshop or another image editor; however, if you are the average business owner, I’m going to bet that you either (a) don’t know how to use Photoshop or (b) don’t even have Photoshop in the first place.
  3. Host the tab – contrary to popular belief, installing a Facebook tab isn’t as easy as getting a file designed and then uploading it to your Facebook page.  Facebook does not host your custom Facebook tabs for you.  You’ll have to do this on your own.  If you don’t know how to tie images used in your custom Facebook tab, you’ll need help from someone more experienced.

Or you can save yourself the time, money, and effort an just use Customizer.  Customizer is the easiest way to design and install custom, dynamic tabs to your Facebook fan page.  Using Customizer you can design and install the following Facebook tab types without needing an ounce of programming, design, or hosting knowledge/skills:

  • Welcome Tabs – a recent study revealed that if a visitor to a Facebook fan page lands on a Welcome Tab versus landing on the Wall, there is a roughly 47% chance that that visitor will “like” that page (versus just 23% odds of “liking” the page if they landed elsewhere).  Our Welcome tab layouts are super-easy to configure and install and are an excellent way to make your Facebook fan page more memorable.
  • Video Tabs – this tab is the ideal way for you to feature videos on your Facebook page in an infinitely more attractive way.
  • Form Tabs – use this tab to install forms to your Facebook fan page to increase sales leads, add new newsletter signups, receive inbound appointment requests, and more.
  • Product Listings Tabs – if your business sells products, why not feature them on Facebook?  You can use this tab to help you sell more products by linking them from your Facebook fan page to your website checkout.
  • HTML Tabs – if you are a programmer already and are looking for a slick alternative to Static FBML (formerly provided by Facebook), our HTML tab type is an ideal fit for you.
  • Reveal on Like Tabs – a “Reveal on Like” tab is a Facebook tab that helps you get more fans (or “likes”) on your fan page by installing content that visitors can only see if they first “like” your Facebook fan page.
  • Photo Gallery Tabs – this tab type can be used to show off any photos you might want to share with your Facebook fans by displaying them in a design-enhanced layout.
  • SuggestThis/Promotion Tabs – easily our most installed Facebook tab type.  Thousands of businesses worldwide use our SuggestThis Tab to create and administer extremely effective, viral promotions on their Facebook pages.

Right now, you can install one of our Welcome Tabs to your Facebook fan page for free.  Click here to create an account and give it a try and let us know what you think!

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